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Fabric Photo and Memo boards to display your photos and memories. Create a vision board and keep track of memories with photos, magazine cutouts, notes, postcards - anything you can slide under the ribbon. No pins required. This popular version of the classic bulletin board allows you to display your creativity and visualize your memories and dreams - perfect for home, the craft room, or even your office cubicle.

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Memo-Photo Boards

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Fabric Memo & Photo Board / Bulletin Board with Ribbons

A99510 Fabric Memo & Photo Board / Bulletin Board with Ribbons 16" Square, Off-White w/ Bronze Ribbon

$ 19.99

Display and organize your photos, messages, notes, mementos, etc. in style with this attractive Fabric Message board. Features a wood frame wrapped in fabric with ribbons. Simply tuck your messages, etc. under a ribbon to hold it in place. Perfect for college dorms and teenagers' bedrooms. Can hang on your wall or simply lean it against any ...

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